— NM Cops and Courts Beat Guide

This page is in development. Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, this is a working draft of this section:

1. Using the AG’s IPRA guide

2. ARIA and Original Records of Entry

3. Incident reports, redaction and ARIA (Also see section XVIII)

4. Inspection vs copies; Free vs $1 a page

5. Private investigations

6. Emails

a. Programs/ways to easily view emails, both .pst and .eml

7. The Schools and FERPA and how to fight FERPA responses

8. What constitutes a public body

9. State Police and IPRA requests

10. The Law Enforcement Exemption

11. IA Investigations and Garrity Statements

12. Personnel files

13. Fighting Denials and Redactions

a. List of template letters for fighting denials and redactions /w example of use

14. Juveniles and IPRA

15. Unlitigated issues: text messages and dual-owned fed records

16. Complaints by citizens, employees

17. Grievances and other related communications

18. Natively digital documents and charges for transmission

19. Ideas for documents to request

20. Attorney-client privilege, work product and adverse-party communications

21. Attorney Invoices and attorney-client privilege

22. Depositions

23. Sending requests to contractors, NGOs

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